Privacy Policy


We define “personal information” as the information regarding a particular customer which can be used to identify that customer.

We require personal information such as name, date of birth, address, contact information, email, identification number and certain geographic information. We can also ask information about your relationship, your computer and any other device that you access.

Payzet understands its customer’s privacy and how important it is to them.

We keep your personal information confidential and we ensure absolute privacy.

We do not share any sort of personal information to the third party and make sure that we safeguard your information.

We have framed our policies in such a manner that restrict the intervention of any third party.

We try our level best to limit the risk of breach to you.

Before using personal information, it is informed to our customers how we use it and what sort of information we might take into consideration.

It is an important part of our legal responsibilities to collect and use the personal information.

We might share your personal information with government officials, law enforcement or any other legal party when we are compelled to do so.

In case of any revised privacy policy or any other necessary changes made in our policies, we will notify our customers either through written communication or through electronic communication.

By submitting your personal information, you agree to our privacy policy and accept the information provided on our website.

We respect your privacy and by agreeing our terms and conditions, we believe that you are ready to cooperate with the policy norms of Payzet. 



We may require your personal information to meet our legal and technical responsibilities.

We collect personal information to know our customers better.

We gather information about you to serve you better and make your experience with us excellent.

Personal information can be used for the purpose of surveys, introducing you with our new products and for promotion purpose.

You can contact us for asking any query or giving any suggestion regarding our products.

So that we can easily contact you for our convenience to know about your opinion, preferences, needs, etc.


IP address and cookies

We collect information from you about your computer or other devices which you use, including your IP address, system administration and browse type. It is a statistical data which informs about the browsing actions of our users.      

To know more about your website usage, we may use a cookie file which is stored in your computer’s hard drive.

Payzet uses cookies to know more about the sections which are most visited and also the sections which are least visited. By doing this we can serve you better and deliver a good performance by improving and enhancing our services. This also helps us to improve the quality of your experience by recognising and identifying more and more desired features and resolving access difficulties.

According to your interests, preferences and choices, we can personalise our website.

By using our website, Payzet, you agree with privacy policy and have no objection that we use cookies for the above mentioned purposes.


Personal information which is provided to us by our users is stored in our servers and is absolutely safe with us.

We have certain restrictions in the disclosure of the personal information. We are under boundation for keeping your information confidential.

Disclosure of personal information can take place when we are compelled to reveal it in front of legal authorities.

We can also share information with law enforcement or as and when required by the law.

No activity can be performed using our customer’s personal information without our permission.

Even financial institutions or insurance companies can acquire certain information.

Disclosure of personal information is strictly prohibited to any third party. Third parties cannot have access over personal information of our customers.

In case we confront with any unauthorised party, we immediately prohibit that unauthorised access to our customer’s accounts.



In case of changes that are to be made by the customers such as updation, correction or deletion, they can inform us through email. The information that is to be changed should be mentioned in that email. In case of correction of the personal information, customers can simply mention the information that is to be corrected or replaced.

Customers can always inform us, if any updation is required and it is their responsibility to update us with the required information.

Our users can discontinue our services by emailing us. You can inform us whether to delete your account or personal information, we shall do it according to you.

If we are unaware of any important personal information then the customer will be held responsible for not informing us on time.


Payzet ensures to maintain confidentiality of the personal information. We have taken certain measures for the security of your personal information.

We check thoroughly the personal information provided to us to ensure full protection.

We quickly deny any unauthorized access or any interruption caused by third party

We deal with latest and advanced technologies which help us secure your personal information and prevent from any misuse, alteration or destruction of them.


If there is any change, modification or updation of our website’s content, information, policies, features or disclaimers then we will notify you for the same by posting it on our website.

The modifications can take place at any time, without giving any prior notice to our customers but after modification, the first thing we will do is to inform you regarding it.

By posting we make sure that our users have complete knowledge of the activities that keep happening in their absence.


For any query, complaint, comment, suggestion, request, or concern regarding Payzet’s Privacy Policy, the customers can contact us anytime on email address or telephone number given on our website.

Our customers are always cordially invited to contact us and we are always there to help you.