IPN settings

To make a request for payment, the you user must send a special HTML form using the POST method:

Where shape parameters correspond to:

https://www.payzet.com/SCI/form - the address where your Payzet Website is located;

order - account number in the system. Can contain any characters;

merchant - merchant ID, received by the user after moderation;

item_name - the purpose of the transfer or the name of the goods/services for which payment is made;

amount - the amount to be paid in the base currency as x.xx;

custom - a fill-in field in which you can send your own unique parameter.

Please note that transfer through the SCI system is possible only in the base currency. Extra currencies are not currently supported for SCI.

After processing the payment, Payzet sends the following information about the payment to the merchant's IPN link by the POST method:

amount - amount of payment;

fee - commission withheld from the payment amount;

method - the payment method by which the user paid the invoice;

merchant_name - the name of the merchant in whose favor the payment was received;

status - the payment status in the system Payzet;

date - the date and time of payment;

id_transfer - the payment ID number generated by the payment system that processed the payment of the user;

ballance - the merchant's current balance in the system Payzet;

hash - the generated hash by the MD5 strtoupper method, consisting of the amount, merchant_password, date, id_transfer;

When the use of IPN notifications to third-party site, the user must check the value of the parameter hash.